Please have your orders in by Sunday 9/1/18 at midnight! Due to the holiday options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on TUESDAY ONLY this week. The front end is OPEN MONDAY 9am-3pm for juice, shakes, smoothies, etc. **You may still order 5 or 7 day plans - we will double up on options 1-3 to cover you for 5 or 7 days. You may write any doubles or omissions in the comment section at check out. 



Option 1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Oats * ** NP

Cal: 480  F: 12g  C: 48g  P: 45g

Option 2. Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread W/ Side of Fruit - p 

Cal: 321  F: 21g  C: 25g  P: 9g

Option 3. Loaded Paleo Breakfast Hash - p w 

Cal: 332  F: 19  C: 25  P: 18g 


Option 1. Grilled Lemon Chicken, Tomato Cucumber Salad, Brown Rice - p k w

Cal: 408  F: 12g  C: 37g  P: 39g

Paleo/Keto Cal: 294  F: 11  C: 13g  P: 39g 

Option 2. Creamy Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers, Roasted Green Beans - p k 

Cal: 335  F: 21g  C: 12g  P: 42g

Option 3. Thai Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps, Asian Style Cole Slaw - p k w

Cal: 353  F: 21g  C: 7g  P: 34g 



Option 1. Pomegranate Curry Chicken Thighs, Jasmine Rice, Roasted Broccoli - p k w

Cal: 492  F: 16g  C: 37g  P: 50g

Paleo/Keto Cal: 397  F: 17g  C: 13g  P: 48g 

Option 2. Mushroom Herb Chicken, Brown Rice, Roasted Asparagus - p k w

Cal: 369  F: 5g  C: 38g  P: 43g

Paleo/Keto Cal: 288  F: 8g  C: 11g  P: 43g

Option 3. Honey Balsamic Thyme Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Zucchini, Jasmine Rice  

Cal: 383  F: 7g  C: 42g  P: 38g

Paleo Cal: 277  F: 9g  C: 17g  P: 37g


NP - Cannot be made Paleo

*  Contains Dairy

** Contains Nuts

k - Keto version available

w - Whole 30 version available

All Macro Counts are Estimates

All menu items are subject to availability and may be subbed in the event of a shortage