Ready to get back to your nutrition goals? We are! Order in advance as January 2nd is VERY busy in store and meals historically sell out fast! 

Please have your orders in by MONDAY 12/31/18 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up and delivery on WEDNESDAY 1/2/2019 this week due to the holiday.

WE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 1PM ON 12/31 (NEW YEAR'S EVE) for protein shakes, smoothies, juices, snacks and gift cards - no meal pick up though!


OUR CARB COUNTS INCLUDE FIBER - they are not net carbs. 


Option 1. Bacon sweet potato zucchini peppers and onions egg scramble - p k w

Cal: 443  F: 27g  C: 22g  P: 28g  


Option 2: Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, roasted sweet potatoes p k w

Cal: 312  F: 25g C: 19g  P: 34g

Keto Cal: 287  F: 23g C: 7g P: 34g

Option 3: Oatmeal Cookie Protein Oats * NP 

Cal: 359  C: 45  F: 7g  P: 29g  



Option 1: Bacon & scallion chicken salad lettuce wraps - p k 

Cal: 330  F: 16g  C: 8g  P: 39g

Option 2: Sweet and Spicy pulled chicken, brown rice, steamed green beans – p

Cal: 390  F: 6g  C: 46g  P: 38g

Paleo Cal: 275  F: 7g  C: 15g  P: 37g

Option 3: Ground turkey, snap peas, peppers and onions stir fry, jasmine rice, roasted broccoli – p k w

Cal: 470  F: 18g  C: 36g  P: 41g

Paleo Cal 373  F: 17g  C: 12g  P: 43g




Option 1: Apple Cider Braised Boneless Chicken thighs, Jasmine Rice and Brussels Sprouts 

Cal: 392 C: 26g  F: 14g  P:38g  

Paleo- Cal: 320 C: 16g F: 10g P:35g 

Option 2: Paleo Turkey Shepard’s Pie, Sweet Potato Topping, Roasted Asparagus - p w

Cal: 476  C: 34g  F: 20g  P: 40g

Option 3: Turkey Zucchini Lasagna w/ Side Of Steamed Broccoli * - Paleo Version available (non dairy) - k w p

Cal:  404 C: 9g  F: 20g   P: 47g   

Paleo Cal: 328  C: 9g  F: 16g  P: 37g


NP - Cannot be made Paleo

*  Contains Dairy

** Contains Nuts

k - Keto version available

w - Whole 30 version available

All Macro Counts are Estimates

All menu items are subject to availability and may be subbed in the event of a shortage