Please have your orders in by FRIDAY 2/7/20 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on Monday and Options 4-5 are available for pick up only, on TUESDAY.   

Looking for KETO MEALS? Choose Paleo and write keto in the comment section. Our carb counts include fiber. We are working on adding net carbs and sugar to our macro info

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Option 1: Birthday Cake Protein Oats * ** NP 

Cal: 432  Carbs: 48  Fat: 8g  Pro: 42g

Option 2: Paleo Mexican Breakfast Casserole (New!)

Cal:333g  F:15g C:16g    P:26g

Option 3: Scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted sweet potatoes 

Cal: 312  F: 25g C: 19g  P: 34g

Keto Cal: 287  F: 23g C: 7g P: 34g

Option 4:Tomato Basil Breakfast Casserole

Cal: 304  F: 20g  C: 8g  P: 23g

Option 5: Spinach, Egg & Cheese Fritters - NP k 

Cal: 172  Fat: 8g  Carb: 10g  Pro: 15g



Option 1: Paleo Sweet Potato Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes & Side of Roasted Broccoli - p 

Cal: 493  Carbs:  66g  Fat: 13g  Protein 28g

 Option 2: Enchilada Chicken Burrito Bowl - k w 

Cal: 473  F: 9g  C: 42g   P: 56g 

Paleo/K Cal: 280  F: 8g  C: 3g  P: 49g 

Option 3: Thai Basil Ground Beef Bowl - k p

Cal: 523  F: 27g   C: 33g  P: 37g 

Paleo/k Cal: 410  F: 26g  C: 9g  P: 35g

Option 4:  Sweet & Spicy Almond Meal Crusted Chicken Fingers & Sweet Potato Salad -p

Cal: 394  F: 10g  C: 45g  P: 36g

 Option 5: Hawaiian Chicken and Veggie Rice Bowl - p

Cal: 463  F: 15  C: 41  P: 41g  

Paleo Cal: 379  F: 15g  C: 32g  P: 39g  



Option 1: Fajita Grilled Chicken and Peppers, Jasmine Rice and Side of Steamed Vegetables - p k w

Cal:  403  F:  11g  C:  39g  P:  37g

P Cal:  358  F: 14g  P: 37g

Option 2: Orange and Thyme Pork Tenderloin, Brown Rice and Side of  Steamed Vegetables - k p w

Cal: 399  Carb: 34g  Fat: 7g   Protein 50g  

P/K Cal: 294  Carb: 10g  Fat: 6g  Pro: 50g 

Option 3: Grilled Balsamic Rosemary Flank Steak, Brown Rice and Roasted Vegetables - k w p

Cal: 424 C: 29g  F: 20g  P: 49g

Keto Cal: 375  C: 4g  F: 19g  P: 47g 



Option 4: Turkey & Spinach Meatloaf, Maple Sriracha Cauliflower and Brown Rice - p k w

Cal: 512  F: 20g  C: 39g  P: 44g 

P/K Cal: 402 F: 22g  C: 8g  P: 43g

Option 5: Chicken Tikka Masala, Jasmine Rice and Side of Roasted Vegetables - p k w

Cal: 556    F: 28g   C; 38g    P: 38g   Sodium 956mg

Paleo/Keto Cal  427   F: 27g   C: 8g   P: 38g