Please have your orders in by FRIDAY 1/3/20 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on Monday and Options 4-5 are available for pick up only, on TUESDAY.   

Looking for KETO MEALS? Choose Paleo and write keto in the comment section. Our carb counts include fiber. We are working on adding net carbs and sugar to our macro info

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Option 1: Low Carb Breakfast Pizza - k 

 Cal: 281    F: 17g   C: 5g    P: 27g

Option 2: Bacon, Broccoli and Goat Cheese Fritters -  k 

Cal: 270   F: 18g  C: 9g   P: 18g   

Option 3: Oatmeal Cookie Protein Oats * contains dairy (whey protein)
Cal: 359  C: 45g  F: 7g  P: 29g 

Option 4: Paleo Breakfast Hash - Bell Peppers/apple/bacon/sweet potato/herbs - 

 Cal: 269  F: 13g  C: 29g  P: 9g

Option 5: Paleo Blueberry Muffins with a side of fruit -

Cal: 257  F: 17g  C: 19g  P : 7g



 Option 1: Jalapeno Popper Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps 

Cal: 532  F: 26g  C: 2g   P:46g  

Option 2: Chicken sausage, red potatoes and peppers (w or without potatoes) – p k

Cal: 379   F: 11g   C: 38g   P: 39g  

No Potatoes Cal: 261   F: 9g  C: 16g     P: 29g

Option 3: Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili Over Gluten Free Penne - 

Cal: 513  F: 13g  C: 58g  P: 41g

Paleo/keto: 300  F: 12g  C: 11g  P: 37g

Option 4: Low Carb Beef Stir Fry - k (Contains Tamari, please advise if you can't have)

Cal: 394  C: 7g  F: 26g  P: 33g  

Option 5: Buffalo Turkey Stuffed Peppers,Brown Rice and Kale Salad - k p

Cal: 463  Fat: 11g   Carb: 54g  Pro: 37g

Cal: 289  Fat: 13g  Carb: 8g  Pro: 35g



Option 1: Beef and Broccoli Over Jasmine Rice  

Cal: 424  C: 34g  F: 16g  P: 36g 

Grain free/keto  Cal: 330  C: 7g  F: 18g  P: 35g 

Option 2: Indian Butter Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Roasted Vegetables

Cal: 561  F: 17g  C: 46g   P:56g 

Paleo/k  Cal: 404  F: 16g  C: 12g  P: 53g 

Option 3: Italian Style Turkey Meatballs/Spaghetti Squash, Roasted Vegetables- 

Cal: 382  C: 26g  F: 14g  P: 38g  

Keto Cal: 315  C: 7g  F: 15g  P: 37g

Option 4: Paleo Turkey Shepard’s Pie, Sweet Potato Topping, Roasted Vegetables- p w

Cal: 476  C: 34g  F: 20g  P: 40g

Option 5: Korean Chili Chicken/Coconut Cilantro Rice/Roasted Vegetable (contains Tamari gluten free soy sauce)

Cal: 440  C: 39g  F: 11g  P: 43g

Grain Free Cal: 356  C: 20g  F: 12g  P: 43g


 NP - Cannot be made Paleo

*  Contains Dairy

** Contains Nuts

k - Keto version available

w - Whole 30 version available

All Macro Counts are Estimates

All menu items are subject to availability and may be subbed in the event of a shortage