Please have your orders in by Saturday 6/3/17 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on Monday. Options 4-5 are available for pick up only on Wednesday.



Option 1: Bacon, Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche - Paleo version available too! - w k

Cal: 372   C: 11   F: 24g  P:  28g   Sodium: 642mg

Paleo Cal: 202  C: 10g   F: 18g   P: 21g

Option 2: Birthday Cake Protein Oats * ** NP 

Cal: 432  Carbs: 48  Fat: 8g  Pro: 42g

Option 3: Huevos Rancheros - Scrambled Eggs, Corn Tortilla, Spicy Black Beans, Queso Fresco, Ranchero Sauce - Paleo Option Available too! - p w k

Cal: 322 Carbs: 32g  Fat: 14g  Pro: 13g 

Paleo/Keto: Cal: 215  Carbs: 5  Fat: 13g Pro: 13g

Option 4: Paleo Turkey Sausage Spinach and Egg Bake - p w k

Cal: 390  Carbs: 9  Fat: 22g  Protein: 39g

Option 5: Paleo Blueberry Breakfast Cake - p 

Cal: 411 Carbs: 33g   Fat: 23g  Pro: 18g 



Option 1: Chicken Burrito Bowls - Now With Guacamole! p k w

Cal: 358  C: 34g F: 6g  P: 42g  Sodium: 422mg

P/Keto Cal: 244  C: 13g  F: 4g  P: 39g

Option 2: Mango Chicken & Sweet Potato Bowl - p w

Cal: 393  Carbs: 40g  Fat: 9g   Protein: 38g

Option 3: Grilled Chicken & Orange Cranberry Quinoa Salad - p k w

Cal: 363  Carbs: 29g  Fat: 11g Pro: 37g

Paleo/Keto: Cal: 252  Carbs 10g Fat: 7g  Pro: 37g

Option 4: Vietnamese Chicken Over Rice noodles - p k w

Cal: 483  Carbs: 67g   Fat: 7g  Pro: 38g 

Paleo/Keto  Cal: 268  Carbs: 13g  Fat: 8 g Pro: 38g 

Option 5: Honey Teriyaki Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Roasted Vegetables - p 

Cal: 424  Carbs: 41 g  Fat: 12g  Pro: 38g 

Paleo/Keto Cal: 379  Carbs: 23  Fat: 15g  Pro: 38g 



Option 1: Indian Butter Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Side of Vegetables - k w

Cal: 561  Fat: 17g  Carb: 46g   Pro: 56g 

Paleo/k  Cal: 404  Fat: 16g  Carb: 12g  Pro: 53g 

Option 2: Santa Fe Chicken Over Brown Rice and Steamed/Roasted Vegetables - p k w

Cal: 418  Carbs: 42g  Fat: 10g  Pro: 40g

Paleo/keto: Cal: 361  Carbs: 21g  Fat: 13g  Pro: 40g

Option 3: Beef and Broccoli Over Jasmine Rice - p k 

Cal: 424  Carbs: 34g  Fat: 16g  Pro: 36g 

Paleo/keto  Cal: 358  Carbs: 14g  Fat: 18g  Pro: 35g 

Option 4: Paleo Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Ranch Chicken Meatloaf, Cauliflower Mash and Steamed/Roasted Vegetables - p k w

Cal: 509  Carbs: 65g  Fat: 9g  Pro: 42g

Option 5: Ground Turkey, Butternut Squash, and Spinach Zucchini Lasagna and Steamed/Roasted Vegetables * p k w 

Cal: 595  Carbs: 40g  Fat: 31g   Protein 39g 

Paleo Cal: coming soon!


* Contains Dairy

** Contains Nuts

p - Paleo version available

k - keto version available

w - whole 30 version available

all menu items are subject to availability