Please have your orders in by Saturday 6/30/18 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on Monday and Options 4-5 are available for pick up only on THURSDAY this week due to the holiday.  

Almost everything can be made Paleo by omitting rice or side grain dish! If something cannot be made Paleo, it will be marked with an NP and we will sub another Paleo compliant meal for Paleo meal plans.


In honor of 4th of July, we will be closed on Wednesday - pick up will be Thursday instead! 


Option 1: Turkey Sausage, Spinach & Sweet Potato Egg Scramble - k 

Cal: 344   F: 28g   C: 21g  P: 37g 

Keto cal: 393   F: 25g  C: 6g   P: 36g

 Option 2:  Fried Cauliflower Rice, Asparagus and Egg Breakfast Bowl - p k w

Cal: 246   F: 14g  C: 12g   P: 18g

 Option 3: Strawberry & Peach Protein Oats* ** - NP

Cal: 471   F: 7g  C: 50g   P: 52g

 Option 4: Tomato Basil Egg White Muffins - p k w

Cal:  236  F: 0g   C: 8g   P: 51g

 Option 5: Paleo Blueberry Breakfast Cake - p 

Cal: 411 F: 23g  C: 33g    P: 18g 



Option 1: Bbq grilled chicken, brown rice, roasted zucchini  - p k 

Cal:   378  F: 10g  C: 34g  P: 38g

Paleo/Keto Cal: 282  F: 10g  C: 10g   P: 38g

Option 2: Chicken and cranberry stuffed sweet potatoes with cucumber tomato salad

Cal: 424  F: 8g  C: 49g  P: 39g

Option 3: Chicken sausage, red potatoes and peppers (w or without potatoes) – p k

Cal: 379   F: 11g   C: 38g   P: 39g  

No Potatoes Cal: 261   F: 9g  C: 16g     P: 29g 

Option 4: Hawaiian shredded chicken lettuce wraps – p k

Cal: 224  C: 20g  F: 4g  P: 32g

Option 5: Paleo chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries  

Cal: 378  F: 16g  C: 20g  P: 38g



Option 1: Honey garlic chicken and broccoli, jasmine rice, steamed green beans - p 

Cal: 333 F: 5g  C: 34g  P: 38g

Paleo Cal: 308  F: 8g  C: 20g  P: 39g

Option 2: Red Beans, Ground Turkey and Rice Stuffed Peppers/Roasted Green Beans - p k w

Cal: 533  F: 17g  C: 53g  P: 42g 

Paleo/Keto  Cal: 320  F: 16g  C: 6g  P: 38g

Option 3: Mediterranean Chicken w Artichokes, Sun-dried Tomatoes over Brown Rice and Roasted Vegetables – p k w

Cal: 434  F: 6g   C: 51g   P: 44g  

Paleo/Keto Cal: 257   F: 5g   C: 14g   P: 39g 

 Option 4: Prosciutto Wrapped Cod/Lemon Caper Spinach/Brown Rice - p k w

Cal: 418  F: 14g  C: 37g    P: 36g 

Paleo/Keto Cal: 315 F: 15g C: 11g  P: 34g

Option 5: Bbq bacon turkey meatballs, sweet potato mash, roasted asparagus -  p k w

Cal: 499  F: 19g  C: 42g  P: 40g

Keto Cal: 340  F: 16g  C: 11g  P: 38g