Please have your orders in by Saturday 8/17/19 at midnight! Options 1-3 are available for pick up/delivery/shipping/ customers on Monday and Options 4-5 are available for pick up only on Wednesday.   

Looking for KETO MEALS? Choose Paleo and write keto in the comment section. Our carb counts include fiber. We do not use any refined sugar in any of our recipes! Please note, we are no longer able to purchase coconut aminos in bulk and will be using Tamari (gluten free soy sauce) as a substitute. If you have a soy allergy, please advise in the comment section. Tamari is not Paleo compliant. 

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ATTENTION! As of September 1, our pickup/delivery days will be changing! Pick up and delivery will be on SUNDAYS for options 1-3 and pick up for options 4-5 will be on TUESDAYS - Orders will need to be in by Thursday at midnight each week. Menus will be posted every Monday for the following week. We will be sending out a press release via our mailing list for more details on this! We hope this change makes healthy eating more accessible to all of our clients.



Option 1: Tomato Basil Egg White Muffins - k p w 

Cal: 152  C: 10g  F: 1g  P: 26g

Option 2: blueberry lemon cheesecake protein oats* ** NP

Cal:  469  C: 58g  F: 9g  P: 39g

Option 3: Baked Western Omelet - Cheddar/Diced Peppers and Onions/ham *- paleo and whole 30 version available on request-p k w

Cal: 286  C: 9g  F: 18g  P: 22g

Option 4: Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Zucchini Frittata- p k 

Cal: 233   F: 13g  C: 7g  P: 22g 

Option 5: Strawberry banana paleo breakfast bars/side of fruit ** p

Cal: 262  C: 15g  F: 23g  P: 5g




Option 1: Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes w side of steamed broccoli- p k w

Cal: 389   F: 13g   C: 30g   P: 38g   

Keto Cal: 377  F: 13g   C: 13g   P: 36g

Option 2: Ground beef burrito bowls - fresh salsa/black beans/radishes/cilantro/brown rice - k p w 

Cal: 462  C: 36g  F: 22g  P: 38g

Paleo/Keto Cal: 369  C: 11g  F: 21g  P: 34g

Option 3: Chicken Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms w Side of Tomato Basil Salad - k p w

Cal: 345  F: 17g  C: 16g  P: 32g

Option 4: BBQ chicken bowl - roasted sweet potatoes/paleo cornbread/pickles/cole slaw - p 

Cal: 482  C: 33g  F: 22g P: 38g

Without Cornbread Cal: 376  C: 30g  F: 12g P: 35g 

Keto: 275  C: 13g  F: 10g P: 35g 

Option 5: Hawaiian shredded chicken lettuce wraps (contains Tamari gluten free soy sauce)–  k

Cal: 224  C: 20g  F: 4g  P: 32g



Option 1: General Tso's chicken over jasmine rice and  side of steamed broccoli (contains Tamari - gluten free soy sauce)

Cal : 435  F: 6g   C: 62g  P: 36g

P/K  Cal: 404  F: 8g  C: 45g   P: 38g

Option 2: Red Beans, Ground Turkey and Rice Stuffed Peppers/Roasted Green Beans - p k w

Cal: 533  C: 53  F: 17g  P: 42g 

Paleo/Keto  Cal: 320  C: 6g  F: 16g  P: 38g

Option 3: Grilled Balsamic Rosemary Flank Steak, Sweet Potato Mash and Sautéed Kale - k w p

Cal: 424 C: 29g  F: 20g  P: 49g

Keto Cal: 375  C: 4g  F: 19g  P: 47g 

Option 4: Shrimp, Sweet Potato and Kale Stir Fry

Cal: 397  C: 31g  F: 9g  P: 48g  

Option 5: Korean Chili Chicken/Coconut Cilantro Rice/Roasted Vegetable (contains Tamari gluten free soy sauce)

Cal: 499  C: 57g  F: 11g  P: 43g

Grain Free Cal: 436  C: 39g  F: 12g  P: 43g


please note - we will be pausing snacks and keto bars for a couple of weeks :)

 NP - Cannot be made Paleo

*  Contains Dairy

** Contains Nuts

k - Keto version available

w - Whole 30 version available

All Macro Counts are Estimates

All menu items are subject to availability and may be subbed in the event of a shortage on distribution's end.