The Black Market Kitchen is a meal service providing delicious, healthy, clean meals to busy people who don’t have time to cook or prefer the convenience of having their meals prepared for them. With a range of options to suit many tastes and dietary preferences, we cater to a wide variety of folks who want to lose weight, eat less processed and packaged foods, and improve their overall health.

At Black Market Kitchen, we have also developed an understanding of the types of foods athletes and active individuals need to fuel their daily activities. We offer Vegetarian, Paleo, and Ketogenic compliant options in addition to our regular clean meals. Our gourmet menu consisting of perfectly sized portions is updated weekly, providing our customers with something new and delicious each week.

It is our mission to make achieving your nutrition goals easy for everyone. No matter what your sport or diet, we want to help you become the best version of yourself.

About The Owner

Shannon Morcey Owner
Shannon is a wife, mother of two, and a former competitive athlete.

“Opening this kind of kitchen and meal service has been a long time dream of mine. When I was working full time, working out and playing six hours of roller derby per week, I wished there had been this service available to me. I ended up eating the same meals day in and day out or spending most of my paycheck eating out and not making healthy choices. I spent the next ten years learning to cook 'clean' meals that I felt good about and enjoyed eating."

I personally believe that there are many ways to eat to achieve your best self, whether you are looking for a vegetarian, gluten free, Paleo or just well balanced meal plan, The Black Market Kitchen can provide that.