If you are not able to find an answer below , please call us at (860) 417-6250, or you can always send your questions to info@theblackmarketkitchen.com.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in the Steel Beach Gym (Previously World Gym) building located at 900 Main Street, Oakville CT

Q: When is your order cutoff?

A: For non holiday weeks :  10 PM Wednesday night. We cannot guarantee orders placed after 10 PM will be fulfilled. 

Q: How do I eat these protein oats?

A: DO NOT COOK OR HEAT the protein oats! They are meant to be eaten cold. Give them a stir and enjoy

Q: Do you have a menu in the store?

A: Due to our options changing every month, we do not print our menus. It is available online on the website.

Q: What time will my delivery arrive?

A: With orders all across the state, it is hard to set an approximate time of delivery. Our drivers usually leave the shop around 9am so your order will arrive by mid afternoon.

Q: How long can my delivery order stay outside?

A: Our insulated cooler bags keep food safe to eat for 4+ hours with the addition of cool packs.

Q: How long are meals good for?

A: Meals should be consumed within one week. They can be frozen too.

Q: What kind of protein is in the shakes?

A: We use RIVALUS whey protein, but have plant based protein available too!

Q: How much does it cost for extra protein in meals?

A: $1.50 per meal, an extra large portion is $2.00 per meal. Email us to add this to your order!

Q: Can I buy meals in the store? Can I place an order in person?

A: We always start the morning with a cooler stocked with all options. (SUNDAY options 1-3, TUESDAY options 4 & 5.) Everything in the cooler is up for grabs, so you can buy in person, but there is no guarantee that all options will be available all day. You can always place an order in person or on the phone.

Q: What are the reheat instructions?

A: All microwaves vary! It is typically 2 minutes, but you can heat and check minute by minute.  If you are using an oven, our containers are oven safe! Remove the lid, and heat at 325* until desired temperature is achieved. Stove top in a pan is fine too.