“Having The Black Market Kitchen as my offseason meal plan provider was the single most essential piece to my training. They offer numerous selections of food with a tremendous variety in each dish. Being a picky eater, I was worried I would not have enough options in order to meet my macronutrient requirements as well as my personal tastes. However, The Black Market Kitchen worked closely with me in order to tweak my meals and make them exactly how I wanted. Having a company cater to your specific goals and needs is extremely rare, so it was amazing to have these great benefits from a meal service company.

Not only was the variety and customizing perfect, but also the food was DELICOUS. I actually began trying new dishes I have never had before because I trusted The Black Market Kitchen so much. The way they prepare the food and the ingredients they use are all top notch and calculated, so your food is always ready when you are. In my experience of working with numerous meal plan services, I have never been able to order anything out of my wheelhouse. I usually stick to the basics of grilled chicken and broccoli with brown rice. In spite of this, The Black Market Kitchen provided such a great first impression that by the end of my offseason I was eating curry chicken with bok choy, bacon wrapped meatloaf, and paleo chicken fingers!

Having an amazing taste and an amazing variety with the flexibility of being able to cater to your personal needs has set The Black Market Kitchen way above the other services I have used. I cannot recommend them enough and I know for a fact I will be going back to them next offseason.”   

                                                 -Don Cherry, LB Philadelphia Eagles



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